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My name is Patricia Stein, and I am the owner and office manager of Stein's Communications. I have worked in the telecommunications business for roughly 14 years. I started working in the communications at Phillip Morris USA as a contractor with ARG in 1996. I worked until 2001 when my contract sadly ended. That is when we decided to go into business for ourselves. We are a small family owned business, where I handle all the billing and scheduling. We pride ourselves on quality and satisfaction of our vendors and customers.

My name is Irvin Stein, and I am the VP and technician of Stein's Communications. I have been in the telecommunications business for 30 years. I got started with IBM back in 1984 working in the stockroom and from there worked my way up to senior tech. I have been to numerous training classes and seminars in order to move up in the company. Unfortunately, as many companies do, IBM was downsizing and I left the company in 2001. At that point, I considered going into business for myself. It wasn't until a year later, when my wife Patricia and I, decided to move forward with our business venture - Stein's Communications. We pride ourselves and our company on quality work.

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